Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Townhall Game, it's all bait and switch

The Townhall Game, it’s all bait and switch

How can the President turn away the tide rising against his health care plan? (How can he turn the lemon he currently is burdened with into lemonade?

Easy. It’s bait and switch followed by propaganda.

The bait is the promise of an open forum for “discussing issues.”

The propaganda portion comes a day later in the newspaper, in stories proclaiming the soundness and “democracy” of the “open forum.”
Here is the “forum” I attended. Think of it as a play with actors, reading scripts.

Cast: Congressman (Lord Claptrap)
Toadies (A doctor, an authoritative figure, a victim )
Obama supporters (union people, Acorn people, casual fanatics, convenient ne’er-do-wells)
Genuine opponents seeking to voice concerns (elderly folk, family folk, conservatives)
Setting: Give preferred seating to bused-in Obama supporters. Keep minions of elderly opponents, without seating, at a distance. Allow the microphone to only into the hands of Lord Claptrap and his toadies.
Act 1: Filibuster by Claptrap
Act 2: Song and dance by the toadies.
Act 3: Final filibuster and dismissive comments by Lord Claptrap
Exeunt: Young, rested supporters bused out in air conditioned comfort. Claptrap and Toadies ride out in chauffeured limousines. Frustrated Elderly opponents walk to distant autos on aching feet.

Desperate to end the farce, a few of the disenfranchised have screamed questions or comments, trying to be heard above the amplified voice at the microphone. This behavior is described by nihilistic, ignorant news reporters as hate-filled, disorder. The president adds the crowning insult by angelically stating, “What we need is calm, reasoned discussion.”
Any senior attending this event had to come away with disappointment, even rage. Surely any senior, even those who may have once voted for Claptrap, must be thinking:’ I must have been insane to have voted for that awful man. Next election, I will work against him’.

No wonder we are the silent majority; we are not allowed to speak!

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